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What is the Cyber Challenge?

The Cyber Challenge is a new Catalyst program that empowers technology startups in Ontario to solve industry-specific challenges in six of the province’s key sectors: Automotive, Life Sciences, Smart Infrastructure, Advanced Manufacturing, Law Enforcement, and Mining.

Cyber Challenge startups gain access to new markets, client product testing, and exposure and trust-building opportunities while working with seasoned organizations within each sector. Founders will connect with industry leaders to drive innovation and adoption of cybersecurity technologies.

Explore new market opportunities

The program addresses industry-identified cybersecurity challenges, each aligning with validated market needs.

No cost, no equity

Participation in the Cyber Challenge is free — and no equity is taken from participating companies. Our mission is to support growth and success.

Collaborate with industry leaders

Founders will have access to top industry players, forming partnerships that drive innovation and adoption of cybersecurity technologies.

Each sector’s Cyber Challenge takes place over eight months, with program delivery in two stages.

Stage one

Within six weeks, ten accepted
startups will:

  • Participate in a solution proposal sprint and programming that supports a proof-of-concept solution
  • Receive technical and business advice to support proposal development
  • Pitch their proof-of-concept solution to industry professionals

Stage two

Within six months, five accepted
startups will:

Now seeking applicants

The Automotive cybersecurity sector was valued at $2.76B in 2022, and it is expected to grow at a CAGR of 22.97% and reach $17.7B by 2031.

The industry in Ontario grapples with unique cybersecurity challenges, such as: 

  • Security lagging behind innovation;
  • Increasing connectivity and IoT applications;
  • Use of “system-on-a-chip” leading to increased software complexity;
  • Growing consumer concerns for the security of vehicles.

The global market size of IoT healthcare is expected to grow to over $185B by 2025, with health data expected to grow in step.

The Life Sciences sector in Ontario grapples with unique cybersecurity challenges, such as: 

  • High-value research and patient data loss/manipulation;
  • Supply chain vulnerabilities;
  • Increasing connectivity and use of IoT devices;
  • Security lagging behind innovation.

Coming soon

More information about this program is coming soon. Register your interest below.

More information about this program is coming soon. Register your interest below.


We welcome applications from startup or scaleup companies who fit the following criteria and have:
  • Ability to provide meaningful and effective solutions to sector challenges; 
  • An incorporated entity in Canada;
  • Small or medium-sized enterprises with less than 100 employees;
  • Spoken and written English proficiency;
  • Underlying IP rights or an ability to obtain or secure the rights associated with their technology. Firms must also work towards protecting any currently unprotected IP and ensure they have the right to commercialize in Ontario;
  • Product development timelines that align with the expectations of the Challenge Program (eight months total);
  • Permanent establishments in Ontario or an Ontario-based office from which business is conducted.

Do you accept the challenge?