Programs & Services

We help drive Canada’s global competitiveness in cybersecurity. Explore all the programs and services we have to offer below.

Accelerated Cybersecurity Training Program
Empowering people from diverse backgrounds to launch new careers in cybersecurity.
Catalyst Cyber Accelerator
Helping early-stage Canadian cybersecurity companies grow into national and international competitors.
Corporate Training & Cyber Range
Comprehensive cybersecurity training offerings designed to strengthen an organization’s cyber posture.
Cyber Talent Acquisition
Helping you to meet your immediate hiring needs and build your talent pipeline for the future — at no cost to you.
Emerging Leaders Cyber Initiative
Supporting women and non-binary leaders seeking to advance into executive-level positions in cybersecurity.
Catalyst Fellowship Program
Advancing the Catalyst’s mission through original research and industry engagement.
CyberStart Canada
Empowering girls, young women and non-binary students to explore cybersecurity in a fun, safe and collaborative environment.
Simply Secure
Providing practical and accessible cybersecurity resources to help small and medium size businesses stay safe.
Cybersecure Policy Exchange
Advancing innovative and effective public policy that protects Canadians’ cybersecurity and digital privacy.