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RBC FinSec

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What is the RBC FinSec Incubator?

By bridging the gap between the needs of the financial sector and emerging fintech and cybersecurity startups, the RBC FinSec Incubator helps early-stage companies transform the financial ecosystem by enhancing product security and resilience to achieve product-market fit.

The program also allows startups to demonstrate their technologies to industry experts and potential investors, establish connections within the finance sector, and understand industry procurement requirements through the program — bolstered by the robust support of RBC.

This program is designed to support:

  • Fintech startups looking to enhance their product’s security posture, ensuring operational resiliency and strong cyber and risk practices;
  • Tech-enabled startups focused on solving a complex cybersecurity problem facing the financial industry.
Specialized workshops

Over 5-months of sessions on Cybersecurity, Product Management, Roadmapping, Compliance, Accelerated G2M & Sales Strategies

No cost, no equity

Participation in the RBC FinSec Incubator is free — and no equity is taken from participating companies

Strategic mentorship

Dedicated 1:1 mentorship opportunities and regular office hours on security enhancement, venture business growth, and financial regulatory requirements


This program is open to early-stage startups. Eligible companies should have:

  • A compelling fintech product requiring more robust embedded cyber and risk practices to meet the high-security standards required within the financial services ecosystem; OR a tech-enabled product solving a compelling cybersecurity problem facing the financial services industry;
  • An Minimum Viable Product (MVP) with ongoing or upcoming marketing validation/commercialization;
  • The potential to become a scalable business in an expanding market;
  • A dynamic, receptive, and cohesive leadership team;
  • Existing or planned operations in Canada;
  • Been established within the last five years.

Ready to scale your FinSec business?

Applications close July 5, 2024.