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Cyber Training
for Municipalities

Tailored training for the unique challenges of municipalities

Protect your community

In the face of growing municipal cyberattacks, every stakeholder needs to understand their role in reducing the likelihood and impact of a successful cyber incident. No municipality is too big or small to be targeted, and the results can be devastating – compromise of sensitive citizen data, disruption of critical services, financial loss, reputational damage, and more. 

The Catalyst can help — with interactive training sessions tailored for elected officials and leaders, IT professionals, and other municipal staff.

Interactive and experiential

Delivered by cybersecurity experts

Tailored to the unique circumstances of municipalities

Addresses leadership, technical and non-technical learners

Flexible Delivery – provided virtual or in-person

What we offer

Tabletop exercises (TTXs) are customized, discussion-based scenarios that closely simulate, from a non-technical lens, how a cybersecurity incident would unfold within your organization.

  • Clarify and modify existing roles and responsibilities during a cybersecurity incident;
  • Identify, test and validate existing organizational processes around incident reporting;
  • Assess cross-departmental incident response and crisis communication planning;
  • Educate executives and department leaders on their responsibilities during a cyberattack.

The Catalyst Cyber Range platform is an interactive, simulated representation of an organization’s networks, systems, tools, and applications, connected in a virtual environment.  Workshop participants are able to react and respond to cyber events and scenarios inside the virtual environment.

  • Immersive and ultra-realistic –  Not a gamified experience
  • Experiential – Provides hands-on skills training in a safe and realistic environment
  • Customizable – Accurately reflects a local environment with common cybersecurity applications, tools and systems
  • Flexible – Enables remote or in-person delivery to learners

For information on our MISA-Catalyst Cyber Range program, developed and delivered in partnership with Municipal Information Systems Association (MISA) Ontario, click here.

Catalyst workshops focus on technical or non-technical concepts for a variety of roles across an organization. Discussion-based skills and training sessions are delivered by an expert Catalyst facilitator, and are focused on planning, decision-making and action. Popular topics for municipalities include:

  • Incident response planning workshops
  • Cybersecurity for elected officials
  • Municipal cyber risk management
  • Third-party vendor management

For information on our training for elected officials and staff, developed and delivered in partnership with AMO (Association of Municipalities of Ontario), click here.

Cyberattacks exploit people’s behaviour and emotions. A cybersecurity awareness training program teaches stakeholders to recognize, avoid and report threats, reducing cyber risk for your organization.


Municipal Information System Association
(MISA Ontario)

The Catalyst has partnered with MISA Ontario to bring technical Cyber Range training tailored for municipal IT professionals. For more information on our MISA-Catalyst Cyber Range program click here.

Association of Municipalities of Ontario

The Catalyst has partnered with AMO to provide training for elected officials and municipal staff. For more information and to register click here.

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Join us as we work to strengthen the cybersecurity of municipalities across Canada. Start by downloading our free Cybersecurity Incident Response Plan checklist. Connect with our team to learn more about customized training options for municipal organizations.

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