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Rogers Cybersecure Catalyst is Toronto Metropolitan University’s national centre for training, innovation and collaboration in cybersecurity.

Established in 2018 and offering programs and services across Canada and around the globe, the Catalyst empowers individuals and organizations to seize the opportunities and tackle the challenges of cybersecurity.

Together with our partners and collaborators, we work to realize a vision of healthy democracies and thriving societies, powered by secure digital technologies.


A Message from our Founding Executive Director,
Charles Finlay


More than 7,000

people have directly benefited from the Catalyst’s groundbreaking programs.

They have acquired new cyber skills, built thriving cybersecurity careers, advanced new ventures focused on
digital security, and contributed to a more cybersecure Canada.

Over 500

businesses have been fueled by the Catalyst.

They have hired world-class talent from our training programs, strengthened their cybersecurity posture through Catalyst Cyber Range workshops, and scaled-up their operations in the Catalyst Cyber Accelerator.

Over 800

jobs have been created or filled in the cybersecurity sector through Catalyst programming.

From junior, to technical and executive leadership roles, Catalyst programming has helped close skill and talent gaps, bolstering a thriving Canadian cybersecurity sector.

More than 1,000

women, girls and non-binary individuals have been empowered.

The Catalyst is focused on building a diverse and inclusive future for cybersecurity – and cyber leadership – in Canada by opening up the sector to those who have traditionally been underrepresented in it.

Over 10,000

cybersecurity experts, mentors, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, program participants, alumni and partners make up the Catalyst community.

"Core to the Catalyst's work is bringing together, through an industry-facing focus, key stakeholders including private sector firms, not-for-profit organizations, the public sector and government, and academic partners. In this way, we are enabling capacity building, developing and supporting pathways to accelerated training, identifying new ideas and innovations, and addressing critical challenges in cybersecurity, through diverse perspectives, collaborations and partnerships."

Dr. Steven Liss

Chair of the Board of Directors, Rogers Cybersecure Catalyst & Vice-President of Research & Innovation, Toronto Metropolitan University

Launch of Rogers Cybersecure Catalyst
Announcement of $30 million combined investment in the Catalyst from the City of Brampton Rogers, the Government of Canada, and RBC
Launch of Catalyst Cyber Accelerator – Canada’s only cybersecurity-focused commercial accelerator
Launch of Accelerated Cybersecurity Training Program, which empowered people from diverse backgrounds to launch new careers in cybersecurity
Launch of Cybersecure Policy Exchange, powered by RBC, helping to shape national cybersecurity policy
Launch of public education programs and cybersecurity resources for children and youth, educators, and parents
Launch of Catalyst Cyber Range, a state-of-the-art platform used to practice, train and assess technical cyber response skills
Launch of SimplySecure, a dedicated suite of resources to help SMBs protect themselves and their customers
Launch of Mastercard Emerging Leaders Cyber Initiative, a first-of-itskind leadership program for women and non-binary individuals looking to shape the future of Canadian cybersecurity
Launch of Catalyst Fellowship Program, which is championing original cybersecurity research and industry engagement
Launch of CyberStart Canada aimed at empowering youth to explore cybersecurity in a fun, safe and collaborative environment
Launch of cybersecurity training programs for law enforcement – dedicated to helping police forces and law enforcement agencies build world-leading cyber crime units
Launch of Ukraine Cybersecurity Reskilling Initiative, providing cybersecurity training to Ukrainians displaced from previous employment by the war
Launch of CLIC – Certificates for Leadership in Cybersecurity, a worldclass cybersecurity training & dual-certification program for those seeking to enter the cybersecurity profession
Launch of cybersecurity programs for municipalities, focusing on foundational cybersecurity training for professionals working in municipal agencies
Launch of Catalyst Veterans Cyber Range Bootcamp, offering practical cybersecurity training to Canadian Armed Forces veterans and their family members
Launch of Ontario Cybersecurity Excellence Initiative, a $10 million program designed to fuel cybersecurity excellence and innovation in Ontario
Launch of Certificate in Cybersecurity and the Law, a collaboration with Lincoln Alexander School of Law at Toronto Metropolitan University, helping senior leaders and lawyers navigate the legal complexities of cybersecurity
Launch of Cyber Integration for Businesses initiative that ensures companies working in Ontario’s key sectors can adopt and integrate cybersecurity technologies into their products and processes
We look forward to the launch of:
Advanced Cyber Education (ACE) program; the RBC Fintech Security Incubator; and the Cyber Challenge Incubator
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Our Home

With its diverse talent pool and strategic location in the heart of Ontario, we’re proud to call the City of Brampton, and specifically the Brampton Innovation District, home.

As the fastest growing city in Canada, and unique in its youthful population, scale of diversity (with 250 ethnicities represented) and its pace of growth (expanding at an annual 10.6%), Brampton is a pivotal epicenter for innovation and collaboration.

"One of Toronto Metropolitan University’s premier centres of excellence, Rogers Cybersecure Catalyst is actively mapping out the future of cyber. Through its cutting-edge initiatives and strategic partnerships, and by cultivating the largest and most influential network of cybersecurity professionals and experts in the country, the Catalyst is making a profound impact on the ever-evolving landscape of digital technology."

Dr. Mohamed Lachemi

President and Vice-Chancellor,
Toronto Metropolitan University


Through our pioneering workforce and individual training programs, we’re creating a robust cybersecurity talent pool that is fit for the future, and building diversity of culture, gender and ability into the next-generation cybersecurity workforce.

Over 900

new cybersecurity professionals trained since 2020

85% of students admitted in 2022 self-identified as a visible minority.

54% of graduates identify as women or another gender.

Over 1,000

students and young people engaged directly with cybersecurity programming

The majority of whom are girls, non-binary individuals, and youth from backgrounds that are traditionally underrepresented in STEM



Monica Nguyen

A graduate of ACTP, Monica previously worked in the hospitality industry as a chef. She chose to transition into cybersecurity because she wanted to work in an industry that utilized her critical thinking skills and challenged her to solve complex problems. Thanks to the rigorous training she received at the Catalyst, combined with her unique skill set honed in the fast- paced, pressurized environment of commercial kitchens, she now works as a Senior Security Specialist at Rogers Communications.


Through best-in-class corporate training offerings for executive teams, IT departments and employees at all levels of an organization, we’re empowering Canadian companies and public entities across various sectors to protect themselves and their stakeholders.

Over 1,500 employees

from over 140 organizations trained

Over 250 SMEs

have accessed our cyber resources and playbooks



Melissa Hathaway

Program advisor and instructor for Catalyst’s Emerging Leaders Cyber Initiative, Melissa is a globally recognized thought leader in the fields of cybersecurity and digital risk management.

She served in two U.S. presidential administrations, spearheading the Cyberspace Policy Review for President Barack Obama and leading the Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative for President George W. Bush. After her government service, she established Hathaway Global Strategies, LLC, bringing a multi-disciplinary and multi- institutional perspective to strategic consulting and strategy formulation for public and private sector clients.


Through a unique focus on supporting breakthrough cyber innovations and future-focused public policy, we’re helping to establish Canada as a global leader in cybersecurity.

60 start-ups

and scale-ups supported,
who have collectively:

• Raised more than $100 million in funding

• Created over 350 new cybersecurity jobs

• Awarded over 40 cyber-related patents


Catalyst Cyber Accelerator

Canada’s first and foremost business accelerator, the Catalyst Cyber Accelerator drove cyber innovation, commercialization and adoption initiatives by supporting cyber entrepreneurs and start-ups from across Canada on their journey to becoming global market leaders.


Beauceron Security

An alumni of the Catalyst Cyber Accelerator, Beauceron Security is a Canadian SaaS firm focusing on the human factors of cybersecurity. Founder David Shipley said he joined the accelerator program so he could gain access to the phenomenal resources, mentors and subject-matter experts, and network of cybersecurity investors offered by the Catalyst.

During their time in the program, Beauceron raised $3.5m in non-dilutive funds. Today, Beauceron serves hundreds of customers in Canada, the United States and Europe, including a number of Fortune 1000 companies.

Cybersecurity Policy,
Research and
Public Education

Through the development of cutting-edge research and accessible cybersecurity resources, we’re empowering all sectors of society and equipping the next generation of cyber leaders.

Over 20

major policy reports, briefs, white papers, conference papers and academic articles published


“The Catalyst is training the next generation of cybersecurity leaders: ones who complement diversity in thinking with cybersecurity fundamentals and a strong passion and dedication to defend against cyber threats.”

Sundeep Sandhu

VP Cyber Security and CISO,
Rogers Bank, Rogers Communications

Spotlight on

Our top seven most-read published commentaries

Catalyst Founding Executive Director,
Charles Finlay, and CEO of Beauceron Security
and Catalyst Cyber Accelerator alum,
David Shipley, writing in The Globe and Mail

Catalyst Senior Cybersecurity Advisory,
Randy Purse, writing in the Ottawa Citizen

Catalyst Industry Fellow, Dr. Jeff
Schwartzentruber, writing in the National Post

Catalyst Founding Executive Director,
Charles Finlay, writing in Newsweek

Catalyst Industry Fellow, AJ Khan, writing in

Catalyst Research Fellow, Dr.-Ing Monika
Freunek, writing in the Toronto Star

René-Sylvain Bédard, CEO of Indominus, and
Will Christodoulou, co-founder of Cyder, both
Catalyst Cyber Accelerator companies, writing
in the Toronto Star

Five years ago,
we embarked on an
extraordinary journey to
build a world-class
cybersecurity sector in Canada.

Through our groundbreaking individual and corporate training programs, vital research, policy and public education initiatives, and strategic partnerships that support innovation and collaboration in the sector, we’ve accelerated Canada’s cyber ecosystem and catalyzed a diverse, highly skilled workforce to support it.

And we’re just getting started.

Our future will be led by a relentless pursuit for excellence and impact — driving further advancements in the cybersecurity sector and positioning Canada as a global leader on the cyber stage. We’ll empower even more individuals and organizations to seize the opportunities and tackle the challenges of cybersecurity, and our team will continue to play a pivotal role in creating a cyber-resilient future for Canada and beyond.