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MISA-Catalyst Cyber Range Program

Technical cyber range training tailored for municipal IT professionals.


The MISA-Catalyst Cyber Range program brings together MISA’s insights on the challenges faced by municipalities with Rogers Cybersecure Catalyst’s expertise in cybersecurity training and its unique cyber range platform. The cyber range platform allows participants to react and respond to various cyber threats within an ultra-realistic environment – one that looks like your organization’s digital network architecture.

Program Streams

The program is offered via two streams – Beginner and Intermediate – each comprising two cyber range workshops led by an experienced cybersecurity trainer. Learners will be walked through key cybersecurity concepts, with discussion centered around the municipal context, while getting a hands-on experience in the Catalyst Cyber Range. Participants will undergo a short preparatory session in advance of their cyber range experience via the ClickArmor (a Catalyst partner) platform.

The program costs $945 per seat, with a maximum of 20 participants per cohort. There is a 10% discount when signing up for both streams. Participants will be tested on their learnings and receive a certificate of completion at the conclusion of the program.

Programming has been developed jointly by MISA Ontario and the Catalyst to respond to the specific needs of municipal IT professionals. The Beginner stream is designed for municipal IT professionals who are new to cybersecurity, and will include two three-hour cyber range workshops (Cybersecurity Essentials A and B).

Workshops included: Cybersecurity Essentials A & Cybersecurity Essentials B
Option 1 Dates: Wednesday, January 24 & Wednesday, January 31st
Option 2 Dates: Wednesday, March 13 & Wednesday, March 20
Time: 9:00 am – 12:00 pm
Location: Virtual via Zoom

Cybersecurity Essentials A

Skills Developed
In this scenario participants will go through four modules relating to cybersecurity. They will start by learning about recon and exploitation using Kali Linux acting like a penetration tester. Then moving on to wireshark to do an investigation of digital evidence obtained during a cyber event. In module 3 a vulnerability assessment is done against a network infrastructure. Finally in module 4, participants will act like a hacker and attempt to exploit a web application using tools found on Kali Linux.
  1. Recon and port scanning
  2. Metasploit Framework basics
  3. Hash cracking tools
  4. Nessus and vulnerability assessment tools
  5. Wireshark investigations
  6. Web application tools

Cybersecurity Essentials B

Skills Developed
In this scenario participants will go through four modules relating to cybersecurity. They will start by using digital evidence obtained on a compromised server. The participant will use volatility to do some forensics on a memory dump. In module 2 the participant will act like a hacker running an exploit against Active Directory. Participants will then move on to escalating privileges with the domain and compromising new accounts. In module 4 the participant will receive multiple pieces of digital evidence and investigate an exfiltration of data trying to determine when and how it happened.
  1. Wireshark analysis
  2. Digital Forensics tools
  3. Metasploit Framework tools
  4. Wireshark filters
  5. Log investigation

Program Partners

Municipal Information Systems Association, Ontario (MISA Ontario) is a non-profit organization that provides technology focused online resources, directories, and events targeted to municipalities of all sizes. Their objective is to foster an engaged and active community of municipal professionals, at all levels, to share information, experiences and promote municipal IT practices in order to provide better and more cost-effective services to municipal taxpayers and clients. We represent 200+ municipalities and organizations, representing 1400+ dedicated professionals working towards more effective government.

The program’s online interactive platform is provided by Click Armor, a Rogers Cybersecure Catalyst partner and Catalyst Cyber Accelerator alumni. Click Armor is an interactive security awareness platform that creates more secure employee behavior. Combining the power of the Click Armor platform with the Catalyst Cyber Range provides learners with a complete learning experience.