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In the face of rapidly evolving cyberattacks, the Catalyst is empowering law enforcement agencies across the country to enhance their cyber resilience and become leaders in the fight against cybercrime. Developed with input from national, provincial, and municipal law enforcement agencies, we offer holistic training to raise your organization’s cyber resilience through continued education and practice. 

We offer cybersecurity and cybercrime training programming that meets the evolving needs of Canada’s law enforcement community. Our growing portfolio includes various open-enrollment courses designed for law enforcement roles. Additionally we can deliver interactive tabletop exercises and tailored workshops specifically for the needs of your agency.

What we offer:

  • Customized courses that address the specific needs of law enforcement agencies;
  • Targeted training for every level of employee, including administration, new recruits, and serving officers;
  • Cost-effective training that does not require specialized prerequisites or competitive admission processes.

Current offerings include:

A targeted bootcamp for new or prospective cybercriminal investigators or analysts employed in cybercriminal investigation teams. Developed in partnership with law enforcement agencies, this course is designed to prepare officers to meet performance expectations of an entry-level Cybercrime Investigator.

Program learning objectives:

  • Identify key issues associated with cybercrime and cybercriminal behaviour
  • Describe how cybercriminals use and exploit the internet and IT technologies
  • Be aware of the applicable Criminal Code of Canada offenses, the Canada Evidence Act and other legislative requirements
  • Follow the cybercrime investigative process including victim impact appreciation
  • Analyze and synthesize cybercrime data from multiple sources
  • Communicate, coordinate and collaborate with other cyber stakeholders

Our next intake for Brampton delivery will be for Fall 2024 – email us at catalyst.corporate@torontomu.ca for more information or to register your members.

These training courses are for those who are typically the first to respond to criminal activity or be the first representatives of the police force on a crime scene. 

  • Orientation to Cybercrime and Cyber-enabled Crime is designed to help frontline police officers identify common cybercriminal techniques, preserve digital evidence, testify as a witness in a cybercrime case, and respond to victim concerns. Cybersecurity for Frontline Officers gives learners a fundamental understanding of cybersecurity, reducing organizational cyber risk by helping frontline officers protect digital information and assets under their control. 

Practice, train, and assess your technical cyber response skills through ultra-realistic simulations using our best-in-class platform with realistic emulations of your agency’s network. The scenarios are tailored to the dynamic needs of law enforcement, allowing your team to train in relevant topics including ransomware, data breaches, digital evidence collection, and ethical hacking.

Learn more about Cyber Range Exercises.

Join us in the fight against cybercrime

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